PharmaSept Products

We manufacture and distribute a large variety of surgical covers and draping products, with numerous variations delivered in accordance with customer needs. PharmaSept products include Microscope Covers, C-arm Covers, Mini C-arm Covers, Ultrasound Covers, Banded Bags, Patient Drapes, Diathermy Pouches, and Video Camera Covers.
Since we tailor our surgical covers and drapes to the exact dimensions of specific surgical equipment, they fit precisely without excess plastic that could otherwise hinder use. In addition, we understand the cost of an idle operating room. That is why we design our drapes and covers ergonomically, for easy application and removal. With our products, operating rooms can be cleaned and ready for the next patient, fast.

Going the extra mile to accommodate customers is a hallmark of PharmaSept

All of our products adhere to strict international quality standards (FDA cleared and have the CE Mark) and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485-2016.